About the Artist

Hi, I'm Joshua. I live and work in Atlanta, but I spend my free time exploring other realms of the world. For several years now, photography has been my medium of choice for documenting my travels. I began with my father's hand-me-down Minolta 35mm and recently moved on to digital. I blame Nikon glass, beautiful landscapes, and passionate musicians for my addiction to the art. 

My adventures to ethereal places like Australia & New Zealand, Chile & Costa Rica, Switzerland & Italy, and Scotland & Ireland further propelled my interest in composing and capturing landscape images. After college, I was hired by the late Andrew McConnell to contribute music photography for Live Music Daily. Andrew paved the way for my music photography career by granting media access to bands like Widespread Panic, Mumford & Sons, Cage the Elephant, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

I treasure the days I have here on this earth, and I do my best to take full advantage of my time. Making music and photography are my outlets, along with rock climbing, fly-fishing, and snowboarding. Every day is a fresh opportunity to experience something new - and that's my catalyst.


Josh's Music History

My passion for music competes viciously with my passion for photography. I began playing guitar years before picking up a camera, and the two art forms often fuse to expand my perspective. 

Wise Up Rise Up

In 2013, a reggae band called Wise Up Rise Up was born in the hills of Newnan, Georgia. I had the opportunity of photographing this band, designing their logo and promotional material, and even booking their shows in Athens, Georgia. I was offered a guest spot in several of their live performances to play lead guitar on a few tracks. Over the summer of 2014, Wise Up Rise Up extended an invitation for me to fill an open lead guitar position, and I accepted immediately. The five of us have been writing, rehearsing, and performing original music together ever since. 




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 Paradise Valley, Montana